Benefits for People who are Visually Impaired

Benefits for People who are Visually Impaired

Blind Kids Riding Horses
Published on Mar 19, 2014

This is a neat story, blind kids riding horses. I felt connected to the people involved in this wonderful endeavour. I didn’t realize how much of a connection I made with that group, until a week later. The station received a letter from the person who was in charge of the group. He wrote a very flattering letter about how I captured the experience and how all the kids and adults enjoyed my presence. This is one of my all time favorite stories.


Lions Horse Riding For Visually Impaired People
Published on Sep 22, 2012
By Lions Club of Penang (Host) and Leo Club of Penang (City) at Penang Turf Club with residents from St. Nicholas’s Home on 22nd September 2012.


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