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Benefits for People with Emotional Wounds

Horse Sense by Martha Beck, issue 128 August 2013 On a quiet California ranch, Koelle Simpson helps people confront their greatest fears and seal their deepest wounds. By asking them to enter a pen, hold very still and allow a half-ton creature to guide them toward peace… I’ve since seen that Koelle can change people, too, helping them heal from abuse, anxiety, compulsions, addictions, and negative patterns in careers and relationships. This may be because horses relate to humans in a uniquely fascinating way. They aren’t so untamable that they can’t form intimate bonds with us, but they can never be fully tamed (like, say, dogs). To  connect with them, we must return to our own untamed selves. Over centuries upon centuries, each of our species has influenced the growth of the other, establishing a kinship that is practical, emotional, and more than slightly magical. Another thing about horses: They’re skittish. Imagine living in the open, day

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