Envision Therapeutic Horsemanship Donation Opportunity

Envision Therapeutic Horsemanship Donation Opportunity!

  • Do you pay Arizona State income tax through paycheck withholding or your tax return?
  • Do you wish you could decided where those tax dollars went?
  • Would you like to help Envision Therapeutic Horsemanship work to support adults and children with special needs, emotional or behavioral needs and their families or caregivers?

Envision has an amazing opportunity for you to receive a dollar for dollar tax credit that will allow individuals to give $400 and couples to give $800 of the taxes you pay to Envision.

Envision has qualified as a charity with the Arizona Department of Revenue and is charity code 20843 on the list of charities you can view here. One of the qualifications requires the charity to show they spend 50% of their budget providing qualifying services to special populations like physically disabled children or low income families. This designation is important as it shows just how impactful your donation can be and how fiscally responsible Envision is.

Your donation to Envision can be a one time donation or you can join as a recurring monthly donor. Several options for giving are available on the website by following this link . Your donation can be made as late as April 15th of the following year and still claimed on the previous years taxes.

Once you have made a donation Form 321 (2017 version) is used to report the charitable contribution. The form is simple and easily completed with proof of the donation. The AZ Department of Revenue has provided instructions for that form (2017 instructions) to assist in claiming this tax credit should you or your tax professional have any questions. The donation is then recaptured for your taxes on Form 301 (2017 version). Your total donation amount is then deducted from any tax liability that you have for the year.

We hope you will take this opportunity to help Envision Therapeutic Horsemanship continue to change lives in our community. Your donations can do amazing things like:

  • Sponsor a child’s lessons for a semester of therapeutic riding allowing them to experience the magic of a horse while building life skills and benefiting physically.
  • Help cover the costs of bringing miniature horses to visit assisted living facilities to provide a great activity and experience for their residents.
  • Assist with costs of providing outreach and services to at risk youth through the Phoenix Children’s hospital mobile health outreach.
  • Provide supplies to care for our equine partners so that they can bring all their magic to these programs.

The possibilities are really endless for the good that your donation can set in motion and we hope that you will seize this opportunity.

If you have any questions or would like more information on how you can help please feel free to contact us at: info@envisiontherapy.org or by calling (480) 262-3434


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