Equine Assisted Life Coaching Testimonials

About a year ago, Lisa invited our staff at Journeys Counseling Center to experience her work. Although all of us had heard of equine therapy and learned some pieces of information along the way, none of us really knew what to expect. Wow, were we in for an unbelievable experience. Through working with their beautiful horses, Lisa and her staff did an amazing job of teaching us how these emotionally insightful animals are able to help us humans tap into our pain and suffering. Lisa then showed us how this process helps us to heal in ways that may not be possible through conventional therapy. We were truly astonished with what she does to help others and still talk about our experience to this day. We have, and will continue to, refer clients to Lisa with all the confidence in the world.

– Roxane Thorstad, Psy,D
Journeys Counseling Center

I had heard about equine therapy, but didn’t really understand it until I met Lisa. I had met Lisa so she could explain her therapeutic process. What I didn’t expect was for Lisa to show me how equine therapy works, with me as the sample client!

I hadn’t shared anything with Lisa about my current struggles. I didn’t have to. The horse was reading my emotions! I knew this because Lisa explained the horses behavior when I would answer a question. This was astounding to me, as I thought I was pretty good at keeping my emotions hidden. Not from the horse! Because of the horses reactions, Lisa was able to ask questions that made me “own and honor” my emotions and to dig deeper. Much healing happened that day for me!

Since then I have referred clients that would not connect or honor their own emotions. Talk therapy just wasn’t cutting it. These clients have had great breakthrough working with Lisa using equine therapy.

I cannot recommend Lisa enough. She is a gifted practitioner who genuinely cares about her clients.

– Wife, Mother & Psychotherapist

Our daughter Jesse is 16 years old and has been diagnosed with “Specific Learning Disability” and “Speech/Language Impairment.” She has been in “special ed” classes for most her life. When you have a child that has “special needs” and “learns differently”, life is difficult to say the least. It affects every facet of life. Any child who struggles academically struggles socially as well.

As parents you want your children to do well in life and it is normal when you see your child struggling, in any area, to help them any way you can. Jesse is currently a sophomore in high school and although we are very happy with Jesse’s progress there, she continues to struggle socially. After many discussions with her teachers and psychologist we decided to look into horse therapy.

After a lot of research we decided to meet with Lisa Péwé. From the very beginning it was obvious that Lisa understood our situation, for she had worked with many children like Jesse. As she shared her philosophy and the results she has seen from past students we became very hopeful that Lisa could help our Jesse.

Jesse has been meeting with Lisa regularly for the past several months. At the beginning Lisa would just focus on helping Jesse feel comfortable around the horse. Although Jesse was very anxious in the beginning, she gained confidence week after week. Jesse really enjoys meeting with Lisa and we have seen a positive change in her. She is more confident, expresses her feelings and thoughts more clearly and she considers her therapy horse “Bullet” partly her responsibility.

Finally what is most exciting for my wife and I is that we see a change in Jesse in how she communicates with us, how she relates to her friends and how she reacts to difficult social situations. We have even seen how it has helped her confidence in the classroom. Jesse has received so much during her sessions with Lisa and we are huge fans of horse therapy.

– Local Marriage & Family Pastor

January 16, 2015

Dear Envision,

How can we even begin to thank you for the wonderful gift of equine assisted therapeutic activity with Lisa that you have provided for Jenny? We want you to know what a profound difference it has made for a lonely little girl who has a very hard time communicating with others because of brain damage at birth. She was in so much emotional pain when she first came to equine therapy, and the horses seemed to know it as they began to love on her immediately. They have continued to do that every week when she comes to be with them. Last week she came out of the session so thrilled that several of them had given her “hugs” galore and even “kisses”, making her feel so special. Her Life Coach, Lisa, tells her it’s because they know she has a good heart. She loves that.

We are so happy that Jenny is beginning to believe that. Because of her disability in communication, she has felt since she was old enough to talk that she “doesn’t belong here”, “should never have been born”, is “too different”, is “a bad kid”, wants Jesus to “take me early”. She is afraid of everyone and everything, It’s been heartbreaking to see her suffer so much. She sees several therapists as we attempt to help her. None have really been able to change things significantly for her. Then came equine assisted therapeutic activities!

Though she still has trouble communicating with other children, somehow the horses have made her feel so much better about herself. She looks forward to going there every week and begs to go more. She comes home from each session tickled that they love her so much and trust her good heart. She loves to talk to them and feels they understand her. We have seen her grow each week as the horses work their magic. She’s calmer and more focused, and although she still has trouble at school with rejection and bullying by the other kids, it doesn’t seem to be bothering her as much. This is miraculous. She loves what she is learning each week with Lisa. She has asked us several times if she can come and work there! She doesn’t really know what that would entail–all she knows is she wants to be near the horses. They make her feel good about herself and take her away from the ugliness she experiences at school. Lisa is wonderful with her!

Her mother has been disabled and unable to work since last January, and their medical bills are astronomical. Without your generous donation, Jenny would never have been able to experience this love medicine for her soul that these horses are dispensing, Our family sends blessings to you and all of your staff and Board for this great gift that has made such a big difference to our little girl. We pray that God will give back to you multiplied many times over what you have given to our child. Thank you cannot express the true depth of our gratitude for this experience. But we are so very thankful for your generosity that has enabled our child to experience love in a way she hasn’t been able to till now.

With gratitude,

The Family of Jenny

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