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Lisa Péwé

Life Coach and Equine Specialist

Lisa PeweLisa Péwé has been a nationally competitive equestrian riding coach and is now specializing in recovery and relationship life coaching. She is also a certified Equine Specialist (PATH and EAGALA) and a therapeutic riding instructor (PATH). Lisa has been an equine professional for over 30 years. She started out as a youth learning to ride and train and show Arabian horses. This led to a professional career of training showing and coaching hundreds of horses and riders to regional and national awards. Her success as a competitive riding coach was based mainly on her ability to understand and read the horses at any given moment and be able to communicate to the rider how to “meld” or synchronize themselves with the horse. Her foundation for building champion riders was always based on helping the rider create a foundation of personal “centeredness” and emotional congruence” as well as identifying individual learning and motivational styles of the rider. Lisa brings all that skill and expertise now to facilitate not the winning of championship ribbons, but to facilitate the victory of inner growth and healing for individuals in all areas of life.
Lisa has been involved in the equine therapeutic community since 2007 when she became the Equine director and later the program director for a PATH Intl. premiere therapeutic riding center. Guiding the program in volunteer training and development, Equine selection, training and care, and developing Equine assisted psychotherapy and Equine assisted personal growth and life skills programs.

Lisa has been doing equine assisted therapeutic activities, life coaching and support group facilitating for several years. Lisa’s passion for helping others in achieving inner victory and growth began with her own personal journey of emotional freedom and inner healing and personal growth. Her journey has allowed her to gain extensive experience with trauma healing models and support groups as well as traditional 12 step recovery models. Her passion for healing led her to complete an undergraduate degree in psychology and she continues to enrich her knowledge and understanding of recovery, trauma and building healthy life and relationship skills with professional seminars and workshops. She is a trained abuse recovery support group facilitator and has been facilitating groups for over 7 years. Her diverse experiences allows her to walk alongside many different groups of people in their pursuit of personal growth and freedom. Including those who need a little help in relationship skills are going through transitions of divorce, grief or just life’s challenges, to victimized and highly traumatized individuals helping them to regain a sense of wholeness, empowerment in relationships and confidence in their abilities.

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