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Envision Volunteers Without volunteers, our horses cannot provide hope and healing to deserving clients with visible and invisible disabilities.

We appreciate the desire and efforts of all who give of themselves to help others.  For some volunteer jobs no experience or specific skill is required beyond passion, reliability, and a willingness to learn. For some volunteer jobs with Envision, previous skill and experience is either required or helpful. For example, to participate in one of the client service programs, there are prerequisites and program specific volunteer training to foster the safest and highest quality experience for those we serve. Please  consider sharing your skills and passion with our team.

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Meet some of the team members and hear what they have to say about their experiences on the team!

Being involved as a volunteer in Equine Therapy over the years has been one of the most powerful & rewarding experiences in my life. I’ve always felt and known that animals are masterful teachers, but what I didn’t know until being a witness to equine therapy, is that they are masterful healers as well. To bear witness to the magic that occurs between a horse and a human is a very special thing to be a part of . It has allowed me to see not only the power and resiliency of the human spirit but also the incredible gifts that these noble equine creatures have to offer. And they seem to “just know” what their job is. It’s truly amazing. The team spirit of working closely with all involved is very uplifting as well.”

Jodie W.

As a volunteer with therapeutic riding, I’ve realized what a powerful team the horses and humans make. It’s extremely rewarding to see the riders grow and progress. I’ve made many great friendships and have met some very special kids along the way!”

Kristen B.

I worked with Leslie for many wonderful years. If I ever return to Phoenix, I’ll again volunteer as a “horse leader”!”

Shirlie E.


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