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A Tradition of Service Success

Therapeutic horsemanshipFor more than fifty years, the Envision founders have provided equine assisted services, improving the lives of countless individuals. Their experience led to recognition of a need for a new service focus that would expand the horizons of traditional equine therapeutic services.

Through therapeutic riding and driving, individuals with Downs Syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis, Autism, PTSD, and TBI ranging in age from five to sixty-five have realized an improved quality of life. Nicole, a five year old diagnosed with autism had never spoken. Drawn to therapeutic riding, her first words were not mom or dad, but “Walk On” to her horse. She has gone on to be a beautiful young lady. The parents of Andrew, an adult with severe autism, report that he becomes calm after his therapeutic riding session, improving his wellbeing and providing a relief from their constant attention.

Through equine assisted learning and counseling, victims of abuse, sex trafficking, at risk youth, disabled veterans with PTSD and TBI, those with autism, and numerous others have realized improved life situations. The mother of a troubled youth noted that several sessions of equine assisted therapeutic activities were of greater value in changing her daughter’s attitude, self-esteem, and life direction than the tens of thousands of dollars she had previously spent. Richard exhibited classic symptoms of Asperger’s. While polite and willing, he was socially detached. He initiated little communication with adults. After equine therapeutic activities, he interacted with his instructor, even to the point of teasing the instructor and correcting him when he did something (intentionally) wrong.

These are but a few of numerous lives that have been improved through equine assisted services by the founders of Envision, Leslie Paradise, Lisa Péwé, and Barbara Beard. In all, they have successfully improved the lives of hundreds individuals. But they realized that much more can be accomplished, leading to the formation of Envision.

Building on this success, Envision is embarked on ensuring that the benefits of equine therapeutic activities are recognized throughout the community of service providers. Building relationships with those in the ASD community, and professionals in the education, mental health, speech, occupational and physical therapy communities will lead to greater recognition of therapeutic horsemanship as a means to improve lives. Of added value will be the incorporation of complementary alternative therapies to further improve well-being.

While recognizing years of success, Leslie, Lisa and Barbara are focused on what is possible, from the continuation of foundational therapies to the integration of research and alternative therapies to further enhance client well-being.

The beginning of the future….


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