Creating Partnerships in the Community

Envision develops productive partnerships throughout the valley. Please learn more about our current partners by visiting them below.
StreetLightUSA® Center for Excellence and Treatment has redefined its three-tier strategystreetlight-usa of Awareness, Prevention, and Direct Care. We are a national leader in researching, assessing and piloting healing methods. Our residential program incorporates these healing methods into the care of the girls.
cinthia-hiettCinthia Hiett is an accomplished motivational speaker, coach and psychotherapist with over 20 years of experience as a Licensed Professional Counselor. Her education includes a Masters Degree in Counseling and she is in the process of earning a Doctorate in Counseling Studies. As an adjunct professor at Arizona Christian University, she has taught a course entitled Psychology of Religion. With a passion for the bible, she is a recognized motivational speaker sharing inspiration and teachings, traveling internationally, presenting biblically based seminars and lectures on relationships, gender and other inspirations.

Cyndi Toschik Transformative HomeopathyCyndi Toschik, a Homeopathic Practitioner received her schooling through American Medical College of Homeopathy and furthers her education in the Classical and Sensation Methods. The Art of Homeopathy is to deeply understand the suffering you’re experiencing. The Science of Homeopathy is the remedy’s ability to catalyze your innate healing response in a holistic approach. The natural medicinal properties are transformative giving your whole system the key to unlock what it needs for deep change. She is passionate in helping others in their own healing journey.

Mending the Soul logoMending the Soul’s mission is to equip communities worldwide to offer an educated, compassionate response to abuse and trauma so that all experience wholeness. It does this by providing transferable resources, trainings, and consultations that are psychologically informed, culturally relevant, and theologically precise for church and community leaders.

“he has sent me to bring good news

To the oppressed, to bind up the

Brokenhearted.” Isaiah 61:1

Journeys Counseling Center logoJourneys Counseling Center: Providing hope and compassion for your journey through life.We are an eclectic group of faith-based professionals dedicated to walking with you on your journey toward healing and customizing services to meet your particular needs. With over fifty years of combined clinical and pastoral experience, the Journeys team brings a unique depth to mental health services.Our growing team includes a wide variety of mental health professionals, including individuals with training in clinical psychology, marital and family therapy, trauma and abuse counseling, expressive art therapy and pastoral care. This range of experience allows us the flexibility to creatively and expertly address each of the challenges you may be facing. Visit our website to learn more about the services we offer at www.journeyscounselingaz.com.

AFC_Physical Medicine Chiropractic Logo__Darker Text_HighResAFC brings you the best of both worlds. The best treatments from the medical and holistic worlds for better health -naturally.

Mediation TalkBased in Phoenix, Arizona, Mediation Talk specializes in conflict resolution for all types of clients. We work with individuals, institutions, and other professionals in resolving disputes involving marriage, family law, business, real estate, labor law, and criminal law.

Our company founder, Diann Wilson, is a certified and accredited mediator who has been practicing since the 1970s. Because of her dedication in advocating for people’s rights, the City of Pittsburgh created the Diann Wall Wilson Day in her honor. With her leadership, we also received the George Washington Honor Medal for Community Service in 2001.

seasons hospice foundation logo

We envision a future where more people will celebrate life and honor its end through the guidance of hospice.

Even small acts and celebrations can have a profound impact on the lives of hospice patients and those closest to them. Seasons Hospice Foundation brings comfort to patients and families by providing essentials and enriching lives with fond, lasting memories. Our funds also support community education to increase awareness about the benefits of hospice, funding for special programs and applied research to improve the quality of hospice care. Extending beyond the borders of traditional healthcare, we treat the whole person and their loved ones in ways that touch the human spirit—adding days to life and life to days.

Concussion Care Center is dedicated changing people’s lives. We offer post concussion treatment in Scottsdale and Glendale, AZ.

Our Mission at Concussion Care Center is to provide easy and affordable rehabilitation programs for those suffering from post concussion (mTBI) symptoms. Our Vision at Concussion Care Center is to create new hope, increase function, and improve the quality of life for everyone who is suffering from post concussion (mTBI) symptoms.

body-safety-boxAt h.e.l.p.s. for kids, LLC, we develop and provide the finest in research-based educational resources to promote children’s optimal social and emotional learning and health. H.e.l.p.s. for kids, LLC, and our first product—The Body Safety Box—exist to nurture and protect our children and help them grow and develop unhindered into the fullness of their unique and precious design.

test testThe Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits is a unifying association formed in 2004 to advance the common interests of more than 20,000 nonprofits in the Grand Canyon State. We are a statewide organization of, by, and for all of Arizona’s nonprofits.


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