“Today was so amazing! I don’t know what really happened but somehow I actually felt like everyone was here for me. I felt special. I felt something I’ve been missing my whole life. I felt love. …before I felt all stuck inside and I wanted to die. But today I felt safe for once.  I feel like I belong.” — Age 13

Envision Therapy Testimonial

— Age 6

“I had the good fortune last year to be invited to experience a horse program through The Healing Post. At the time I was dealing with the aftermath of a breast cancer recurrence and was in a fragile state. I found the time with the horses to be amazingly healing on so many levels, and I attribute this time to helping me get out of a deep funk.

The facilitators were kind, gentle and even intuitive in a way that made me feel comfortable opening up and letting the healing begin. I am grateful for this experience and would recommend it to anyone that might need healing in a safe and welcoming environment.”

— Life Recovery Participant

Envision Therapeutic Horsemanship – Horses Delivering Hope

“It has helped me be a better person to my family.” — Age 13

“Juan has become a better listener, helping him improve in school.” — Director of Special Education

“Although all of us had heard of ‘equine therapy’, none of us really knew what to expect. Lisa showed us how this process helps us to heal in ways that may not be possible through conventional therapy. We have, and will continue to, refer clients to Lisa with all the confidence in the world.” — Roxane Thorstad, Psy,D Journeys Counseling Center, journeyscounselingaz.com

“I feel like a leader.” — Age 8

“We see a change in Julie, in how she communicated with us, how she relates to her friends and how she reacts to difficult social situations. …it has helped her confidence in the classroom.” — Local Marriage and Family Pastor

“[My daughter] voices her feelings and is attempting to set boundaries.” — Parent

“I feel like I can overcome the situation I’m in.” — Age 13

Envision Therapeutic Horsemanship – Horses Delivering Hope