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Dear Leslie,
We just want you to know that Tammy and I greatly appreciate the time you spent sharing your love of horses with Tammy. She really enjoyed learning from you. We know you will find a way to continue your work and please keep in touch.

Thanks Again and thanks for the work you have done.

God Bless

– Charlie & Tammy

Leslie Paradise has been our son “Jacob’s” instructor in horse therapy for about ten years. She is a wonderful blend of caring and structured learning. She will creatively work to do whatever is needed to help kids learn to ride and benefit from the horses. For her it is a combination of several elements, respecting the animals and the rider; she also requires the rider to respect her. Leslie allows for “a tough day” with a little extra kindness and support. I can see her love for the horses and the clients she works with. One of the things I appreciate most about Leslie is that she will provide us with honest feedback so we can work with Jacob and he will continue to grow. Our son has made great strides because of her hard work. She is firm but fair and understands the need for rules around these very large animals. I have always felt our son was very safe and cared for in her hands. We frequently recommend equine therapy to other families, the benefits are huge and it is a therapy that is sometimes overlooked. It provides an interesting combination of working on speech, processing and the physical body all at the same time. We couldn’t be happier with the work Jacob and Leslie have done together over the past ten years.



Breathe Book CoverThe most important thing is that Kyle can still do one of his great loves: horseback riding. AND, now he gets to have Clint as his side walker again and Leslie as his instructor. It doesn’t get much better. Click to read the full article.

– Gayle Nobel
Mother, author, advocate

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